The Lamplighter Movement


Light a Lamp for Peace And Freedom

The Lamplighter Movement grew out of the Big Ben Silent Minute, which began during the dark days of 1940 when Major Wellesley Tudor-Pole received an inner request from a high spiritual source that there be a Silent Minute of Prayer for Freedom, at 9pm each evening during the striking of Big Ben.

If enough people joined in this gesture of dedicated intent, the tide would turn and the invasion of England would be diverted. Tudor-Pole went to King George VI and Winston Churchill with this request and won their support. The Silent Minute continued until the BBC abandoned the striking of Big Ben at 9pm. At this point Tudor-Pole received another inner directive that Light should replace Sound, and that continuously burning amber lamps be lit with dedicated intent.

We are told that the spiritual realms are able to use this dedicated light and intent upon the subtle realms and within the borderland, the etheric plane closest to the earth. Healing energies are then able to spread to those darker areas of need; the lamp also acts as a point of entry for light upon the earth plane. Something like a spiritual lighthouse is created!

The first amber lamp was lit and dedicated 40 years ago, on Midsummer Day 1964. As Wellesley Tudor-Pole was by this time an old man, he asked his old friend Sir George Trevelyan to be custodian of the movement, which he readily agreed to.

Thanks to these two great visionaries and their courage and commitment to hold the light for us, amber lamps have been lit and dedicated all over the world throughout these last forty years.

There is as much need for this great work to continue today, as there ever was back in 1940, to continue and to go from strength to strength!

Think of a world where amber lights are seen everywhere, in every city, every town, every village, every street, every home, every heart!


Lamplighter Movement Suggested prayer of dedication

I kindle this little light on the earth plane.

I dedicate it to the service of the Spirit.

 I guard and cherish this flame as a living symbol and

an act of faith in the reality of the Powers of Light.

May the Beings from Higher worlds see this flame

and kindle its counterpart on the ethereal plane.

May this ethereal light be a channel for the inflow of

the healing powers of the spirit.

May the Love of Christ permeate this building and protect it,

warming the hearts and enlightening the

understanding of all who live in it or enter it.

May the Being whom we know as Michael,

Standard Bearer of the Christ,

Wielder of the Sword of Light,

use this offering,

linking it with all those who have lit the light.

May peace and healing spread through the world

and the regions of the Borderland

If you do not already have a suitable lamp to dedicate, we have them as illustrated. They are hand turned from ash wood and lit with a low energy, long life, dancing flame effect bulb. They are supplied complete with plug and bulb, which only costs about £1 per year to run! Also included is a suggested prayer of dedication card.

Lamps cost £25.00 plus £3.50. p&p. and may be ordered from

Or please send cheques made payable to John Lett to:

11 Oakgrove Place, Northampton NN4 0SB Tel 01604 470816

email or

For all other Lamplighter enquires please contact

Tricia Claridge, 20 Newgate Close, St Albans, Herts. AL4 9JE